Dissertation Template: Submitting the Final PDF File

dissertation template

It’s finally time to submit that final version of your dissertation as a pdf to Proquest/UMI Dissertation Services. Rejoice!

Even if you’ve written you’re dissertation in a single MS Word file (as I highly recommend), you’ll still need to create several separate pdf files of your dissertation and then recombine them into one single pdf document. I’ll explain why and how in this tutorial.

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Dissertation Template: Table of Contents – Custom Levels

dissertation template

The table of contents is currently set to include chapter titles and two levels of headings (levels 1 and 2 subheadings). If you want, you can very easily change this to include the minimum allowed by the TIU Style Guide (level 1 subheading), or you can include all the subheadings you want. This tutorial will show you how. [Read more…]