Baptism Retreats at Narnia


Probably the highlight of highlights for Narnia Elementary School is the end of the year preparation for baptism. From grade one students at Narnia take “Evangelical Religion” classes where they learn about Christianity and faith in Christ. But kids 12 years old and up have the opportunity to participate in three weekend retreats held at the end of each school year. These retreats are for kids that are exploring their faith and who are thinking about the important step of baptism.

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Finished with Translation Revision

with all your heart

That’s it…I’m officially done with my work on the Old Testament Committee for the Revision of the United Bible Society’s Slovak Ecumenical Translation. It started later than it was supposed to, it took much longer than it was supposed to, it was more complicated than it was supposed to be, there was more to be revised than the original project called for…but it’s finally done. [Read more...]

Threats from All Sides


It’s that time again. The accreditation process comes around every five years in Slovakia. This time, along with accreditation comes news that the government is wanting to do some house cleaning to improve the quality of the university system and decrease the number of schools. Some of these threats have already materialized and will be affecting our seminary next September. [Read more...]