Photos from our Travels and Visits in Summer of 2015 (Gallery)


Our summer has gotten started and there hasn’t been a minute to spare. School hadn’t even ended and we welcomed some members of my family (Aunt Cari, Grandma Terry, cousin Braxton) for a week of touring around Banská Bystrica, Auschwitz, Krakow, the High Tatras, and Budapest. Then Jana and I were off to Cambridge, England for a Biblical Theology Conference at Tyndale House (our first time in England).
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First Free of Rockford Named Honorary Congregation of the Slovak Evangelical Free Church


Don Oleson visits Slovakia every year as a part of the 15 year partnership between First Evangelical Free Church of Rockford and the Cirkev Bratská in Slovakia. To recognize the help that the CB has received from Rockford they made First Free an honorary congregation in the CB denomination. [Read more…]