The Refining Fire of the Junior High Classroom


Narnia Elementary School is a big part of our lives since both Elisabeth and Max attend school there. And it’s a big part of our ministry since Jana teaches there and it’s an outreach of our local church (where I’m an elder). So when Narnia was having trouble finding native speakers for the English program I decided to volunteer. [Read more…]

Small Groups and Hog Butcherings


In every culture there are certain events or celebrations or rituals (usually involving the spilling of blood) that you have to take part in if you want to truly experience what it means to be a part of that culture. Holiday celebrations are like that. An outing to the old ball park complete with hot dog is another. I don’t think you can really call yourself an American if you’ve never been to a baseball game.

This past fall I got to take part in the quintessential Slovak right of passage ritual the zabíjačka, or, the butchering. It’s a feast, a family get together, and a right of passage all in one. [Read more…]